Disappointed Doesn’t Describe It

It’s almost fitting that it’s been exactly 6 months since I’ve posted on this blog. I remember being so full of hope. We just signed Joey Votto… It was going to be a great season. We were going to the World Series. Or at least we were going to get past the first round of the playoffs. That was my goal for the year.

So naturally, I set the bar too high.

To any other fans that mistakenly stumble upon this (mainly to my Cleveland friends who think they own a monopoly of being disappointed by their sports teams), I really don’t want to hear it… Because if your team was up 2-0 in the playoffs, you would be saying the same things right now.
And I don’t know how some of the Reds fans are being optimistic about this. The postseason was a complete and utter meltdown. I’ve never seen such a thing happen. The first NL team to lose the series after leading 2-0. A fitting way to end this Reds season.

Sure, it’s not like I was expecting rainbows and butterflies to end the season. I wasn’t REALLY expecting to win the whole thing. I just wanted to get out of the blasted first round of playoffs that Cincinnati teams seem to be cursed to.

But the thing that makes me so frustrated is that the Reds HAD this. The NLDS was theirs for the taking. They blew it. Everyone blew it.

I’m not going to sit here and point fingers at people because baseball is a team sport. It’s not tennis or golf, thank GOD. Dusty did some bang up job managing these home games. The offense decided to be quiet. The defense decided to twiddle their thumbs. But after the ups and downs Reds fans have endured this year (and ever since I can remember), the fans deserved more. The TEAM deserved more.

We’re talking about a team who lost their $8.5 million closer Ryan Madson before the season even began. We’re talking about the team that lost Joey Votto for almost 2 months and seemed that all hope was lost. We’re talking about the team who thrived during those dark days that Votto was gone. We’re talking about the team who won 97 freaking games during the regular season. We’re talking about the team who lost their ace only 8 pitches into the postseason and STILL winning the game. We’re talking about the city and fans who are repeatedly bashed for not being better fans and showing up to games. We’re talking about the city that had so much hope for this young team.

So. Much.

These past couple of months have been rough for me. I was looking forward to the postseason. So much hope was riding on this for me. The team was FINALLY going to do something. People were FINALLY going to get to notice how special this Reds team is. You know, the people who don’t live in Cincinnati.

But these past few days, Twitter has been goddamn ruthless. It’s been ridiculous. “Reporters” bashing fans. Claims of players being disappointed about lack of fan enthusiasm. Reds fans turning against Reds fans. It’s not just the postseason meltdown I’m disappointed about. It’s the way the Reds went out.

I’m not normally a pessimistic person. I’m usually the girl who has sunshine coming out of my ass when it comes to the Reds. But this. This cutthroat, back-stabbing nonsense that was occurring between Reds fans was the last straw for me. Instead of bonding around a team, we were at each other’s throats because some people liked to “Woooo” or because most gave up at Game 3. I’ll tell you. I was at Game 3. There were plenty of missed opportunities there. PLENTY. But the team didn’t make the necessary plays. That’s baseball. Not the end of the world. There are other games to play. Then I looked at Twitter and couldn’t believe it. I already knew the Reds didn’t have a good fanbase but it was too much.

So I’ll leave you guys with this, because I’m starting to realize this is going nowhere… This has been the most disappointing ending to a season I have ever witnessed. Even in 2010, which ESPN loves to remind us of, I was happy. I loved the Reds, and I still do. But right now, I hate the way fans reacted.  And now I have to have this taste in my mouth during the entire off-season. And that’s what I’m not happy about.

And as we’ve said for the past 21 years, there’s always next year.


I Don’t Want to Say It But…

I told you so.

Okay, maybe I enjoyed that a little.

Now doesn’t the freak out about signing Votto seem a little silly? Think about it.
You’re a little ashamed, aren’t you…

It’s okay, I still think you’re awesome.

But if you paid attention to how the Votto contract was laid out and still thought Phillips wasn’t going to get signed, then I feel sorry for how stupid you are. And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

Literally 2 seconds after I walked into the front office at the Clippers yesterday, I got bombarded (I make it known I’m a Reds fan).

“Did you hear?!”

So I was a little late to the party, so what. But I hope you guys realize how awesome this is.  I mean, do you realize how many players we have locked up? And how good they are? This is exciting stuff. Sure, it’s a lot of money but if you want a good team, you spend money on good players. You KEEP good players.

Imagine that. Keeping good players…

However, the most exciting part about this is that we don’t have to see the drama played out on Twitter anymore.
I’ve made it known how, recently, I’ve found Phillips very annoying on Twitter. There’s certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and he crossed them. I get that he’s a fan favorite but business should be business…

But obviously, I am super excited for him to stay. He’s a great baseball player. I’m probably more excited that there will be no more drama regarded contracts online.

But what am I saying… As long as Twitter is still around, there will always be something to bitch about.

Here’s to finding the next topic.

Stop this nonsense. Now.

Warning: This will not be filtered at all.

I’m back to my old form. Like that one post I wrote about umpires way back when… I’m just going to let my feelings fly. Sure, some might get offended by language. That’s fine. I’ll try not to use too much but it will happen. Guaranteed. 

My Joseph Daniel Votto is probably going to re-sign with the Reds. I’m fucking ecstatic. I did a cartwheel in my apartment. I really shouldn’t be doing cartwheels in my apartment. I risked injury. I could have fallen on my glass coffee table and died. You want to know why I did do it?

Because Joey Votto is worth it.
Guys, he is SO worth it. So unbelievably worth it. And it BOGGLES MY MIND that some Reds fans can’t see this. I’m absolutely speechless. 

My feelings cannot be transferred into words.

Joey Votto is the best player on the team. Yes. The best player on the team. It is not Brandon Phillips.

I like Brandon The Player. Everyone seems to like Brandon The Player. He’s arguably the best 2nd baseman in the MLB right now. His numbers have been good… But he’s getting older. We don’t know how much longer he’ll last. 

However, Brandon The Tweeter has gotten on my nerves. I used to be okay with it. I mean, he’s tweeted at me a couple of times. I was happy. However, I don’t let that blind my ability to see what is best for the team. If Brandon wanted to stay in Cincinnati so bad, why hasn’t he signed an extension? WHY?! Because he wants more money. More money we cannot afford to give him if we sign Votto to any kind of extension he “deserves.” 

Granted, I think baseball players are extremely overpaid to begin with. But that’s beside the point.

If BP truly wanted to be here, I think they would have worked something out by now. Why the hell have they not?

AND all of this is hypothetical!!! NEITHER DEAL IS DONE!!! apoiejwoejf.

Sure, I posted an Enquirer blog about what might happen with Phillips and yada yada. Whatever. That makes me a hypocrite? Fine. I did that because I saw of all the talks on Twitter. 

THIS IS GREAT NEWS GUYS!!! We might have Joey Votto for the rest of his career.



So my question is this: Why would any fan with more than half a fucking brain NOT be excited about this potential deal? Joey Votto has to be in the Top 5 position players in MLB (my “professional” opinion). 

I was going to try to use stats but I’m new at this whole stats thing. But as I’m looking at it, there’s no comparison offensively. You can’t really compare defensively because of the difference of their jobs.

I just… I don’t know guys. Twitter boggles my mind. I get that everyone has a right to their own opinion. However, stop letting players who are “fan-friendly” run the joint. Congrats, you have a Twitter! How does this make you better for the team? Gains fans? Probably not. Most were fans before. Give you an avenue to voice your troubles about contracts with the ENTIRE WORLD? Oh yeah. You can do that.

Brandon Phillips means a lot to the fans. I don’t think I can stress enough how much I get that. He can be your favorite player. I don’t give a shit but to say that you would rather not have Joey Votto is in-freaking-sane.  If you say this, then you aren’t a Reds fan. My opinion. You are a Brandon Phillips fan. You don’t want what is best for the TEAM… You want what is best for the player.

I get why Cardinals fans hate Reds fans. I hated Reds fans a little too. We always find something to bitch about. Sign a MVP? HELL NO. WE DON’T WANT THAT. 

So Cardinals fans, I will never bitch about you bitching about us. I still don’t like you, but I understand.

And if you bring up how I’m a Joey Votto fan, then yeah, I’m guilty. But what you forget is that I’m a REDS fan. Reds fan first. Always. I was accepting that Joey was going to be gone either next year or the year after. You want to know why? Because it would have been what was best for the team if they came to that position. This POTENTIAL investment in Votto tells me they want to win long term. YAY WINNING!


I love my Redlegs. I really do. I probably love them more than air. And I really like air. A lot.
But Joey Votto is great for this team. Locking in a person who you can build your team around is HUGE.

Believe it or not, Brandon is playing a supporting role.

BP fans, I still love all of you. You can hate me. I don’t care. I’m not calling you idiots. Obviously, you can’t be because you like the Reds.

But you guys do understand that there’s a possibility that Phillips can still be signed, right? Why is it that all the BP fans automatically conclude this? It’s up to BP and what he’s willing to accept to stay in “his city.” I think it’s not as likely, but still possible. 

But until this is all finalized, can we please celebrate the possibility of having one of the greatest players in Major League Baseball be resigned? 

Joesph Daniel Votto is such an incredibly good player. Please don’t let “fan-friendly” things get in the way of the game. Try to keep feelings separate. You can’t judge a player by their Twitter alone. 

So. Let’s concentrate on the REDS. Opening Day is on Thursday. Even though I won’t be able to watch any of it, it’ll be the greatest day of 2012 until we win the World Series. 

We’re all Reds fans. Let’s act like it.

Let Me Explain…

Time to whip out the old blog again… But not for sports related things right now…

I’m going to start this up again during the season as a “Day in the Life” of my internship. Well, the stuff I’m allowed to say. =]

For this post, I just want to explain myself for my reason for defriending you all on facebook.
You guys are awesome, you know this. I remind you every week or so. You guys let me talk sports, which doesn’t happen in my real life much because most of my friends hate sports.

So don’t take the facebook thing personal. I’m pretty protective of my privacy. I just want to keep twitter and facebook separate. If we meet at a Reds game and become good friends, then sure, I might reconsider the facebook thing.

Right now, facebook is meant for my good friends… My friends from elementary, high school, and college. And my family, of course. The stuff that I share is really only meant for them. I’m sure you all are nice people, I can tell from twitter, but there are some things that need to be private.

Feel free to tweet me more or even DM me. I’m pretty open to talk to… I love talking about sports (but please no NASCAR or NBA…)

Again, I hope there are no hard feeling to those I defriended… I still think you guys are awesome, I just need some privacy. =]

Dames on Games: College sports a joke? Get real.

This is my first non-baseball post. Dealing with college sports… Obviously.

I’m probably going to do a follow up piece. I’m going to try to interview some of the students on those teams… We’ll see.



Midterms are coming up… I’ve been neglecting my duties.

How DARE you say goodbye?!

Rushing back after my class, I needed to get home to watch my Reds in their final game of the season.

I’ve always hated this time of year. When I was little, I would fall asleep listening to Marty and Joe but when that fated last game came, I had no idea what to listen to.

Now? I don’t listen to the radio as much, but in a sense, twitter has become my radio.

I know I won’t see a lot of you guys for a long time. That’s fine. I know some of you might unfollow me due to my Buckeye and Bengals allegiances. That’s totally cool as well. However, I hope we don’t stop talking about baseball, life, or whatever during the off season.

I’ll still be blogging… Mostly non baseball stuff but I’m sure as the offseason heats up, I’ll have some interesting stuff to right about.

So stick with me. I’ll stick with you guys. Twitter always gives me a place to talk sports so thank you for that.

Now begins the countdown until Opening Day.

190 days.

Dames on Games: My Adventures at PNC Park

I guess I should have technically posted this last night but I’ve been kinda running around with my head cut off. I have a speech today and I’m kinda going crazy… Even though it’s only 1-2 minutes. I’m terrified of public speaking. haha.


I went to PNC Park this past weekend. Unfortunately, one reader found it my blog pointless but I don’t really care. I’m not trying to win a Pulitzer here… Just expressing what I feel and stuff.

Enjoy! Or don’t. Whatever. =]